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Corporate Programme

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Corporate Programme
Business Solutions
  • Corporate Programme

    Reward yourself with the many benefits of our Corporate Programme.

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    Reward yourself with the many benefits of our Corporate Programme.

    The Mercedes-Benz Corporate Programme[1] is designed to make ownership easier and more beneficial for you. Members of the Programme are eligible to receive exclusive benefits on selected vehicles, including:

    • Preferential pricing.[2]
    • Access to the Corporate Rewards Portal.[3]
    • Reduced retailer delivery fee.[4]
    • Access to your own Corporate Sales Consultant.

    Take advantage of the benefits today. Find out if you qualify by speaking to one of our Corporate Sales Consultants at an authorised Mercedes-Benz retailer today.

    Check Your Eligibility.

    Check Your Eligibility.

    Click below to determine if your workplace qualifies for the Corporate Programme.

  • Fleet Programme

    Business solutions for your company.

    Business solutions for your company.

    • Extensive range of vehicles
    • Preferential fleet pricing
    • Competitive total cost of ownership

    At Mercedes-Benz, we realise that every business has different needs. We recognise when you're managing a fleet, there are many issues to consider - from comfort and duty of care, to the right financing for your vehicles. That's why we offer you a selection of top-performance fleet solutions.

    For more information please visit a Corporate Sales Consultant at your retailer, or call 1800 888 170.


    Fleet program advantages.

    Fleet program advantages.

    Extensive vehicle range
    From the fuel-efficient and cost-effective B-Class, to the spacious E-Class, we offer an extensive range of vehicles to suit all requirements and budgets.

    Preferential fleet pricing

    Fleet customers may be eligible for preferential fleet pricing and access to a range of benefits.

    Class-leading safety
    All Mercedes-Benz vehicles undergo extensive tests that exceed expectation and boast outstanding safety standards. Mercedes-Benz fleet offers you and your company maximum peace of mind.

    Total cost of Ownership assurance
    Purchasing a Mercedes-Benz is not just about the transaction, it is a 125 year investment.

    • An investment in the environment with a focus on reducing emissions
    • An investment in providing a reliable, versatile and respectable vehicle to your employees
    • An investment in the Mercedes-Benz commitment to providing longevity, warranty, roadside assistance, efficient fuel economy, safety and extended service intervals.


    24 hour Roadcare
    Mercedes-Benz Road Care is a dedicated assistance program, which you automatically receive upon purchase for the duration of the manufacturer's warranty period. As one of the most comprehensive and reliable roadside assistance services available in Australia, Mercedes-Benz Road Care will be there to assist you 24 hours a Day, 365 days a year, Australia-Wide* for emergencies.

    *Service area limits, entitlements limits, exclusions, T&C apply.

    Conveniently located dealerships
    Our vehicles are supported by the expertise and specialised knowledge of a dedicated retailer network. With authorised Mercedes-Benz retailers all over Australia, there will be one located conveniently near you.

    Dedicated Fleet Sales Consultants

    Each retailer has a dedicated Corporate Sales Consultant, who is there to understand your individual requirements to ensure to provide the highest quality service and professional consultation for your needs.

  • Diplomatic Programme

    Diplomatic Programme.

    Diplomatic Programme.

    When choosing a vehicle, those who represent their countries will seek to make a suitably prestigious impression in every situation. We offer our customers a wide range of products within which they can be certain to find the appropriate vehicle for every occasion.

    In every situation, our product range provides refined comfort and above all promises exceptional quality.

    As an extraordinary customer, take advantage of the benefits of Mercedes-Benz Diplomatic Programme.

    Individuals with Special Status
    Members of a diplomatic or consular service dispatched on business abroad and members of international organizations dispatched on business abroad, e.g. European Union (EU), United Nations (UN) including their special organizations and NATO, OECD and the Council of Europe will generally receive preferential diplomatic pricing when purchasing a vehicle for their private use.

    Family members of diplomats are entitled to these benefits as long as they hold a valid diplomatic passport and can provide the Status Certificate of the official diplomat.

    Embassies, consulates and International Organisations
    Official vehicles for international organisations and permanent representations around the world benefit from attractive conditions. Government-related institutions include but are not limited to embassies, consulates general, missions and international organizations.
    In this instance, the granting of preferential diplomatic pricing is also permitted for more than one vehicle per year in the case of government-related Institutions / Organizations.

    Honorary Consul
    Vehicles for private use benefit from attractive terms and conditions.
    The granting of preferential pricing is restricted to one vehicle per year for the authorized person with special status. Family members are excluded from the eligibility in this instance.

Corporate Rewards Portal.

Corporate Rewards portal
Benefits of Mercedes-Benz Corporate Rewards Portal
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Corporate Rewards Portal.

We are pleased to introduce the Mercedes-Benz Corporate Rewards Portal, providing members access to a range of offers and products from an extraordinary selection of brands. The brand new portal features an array of handpicked offerings across many categories, including wine and dining, technology, beauty products and more.


    Wine and dining

    Enjoy offers on a variety of culinary experiences.


    Home tech

    Explore the latest technology for the home and office.

    Car washing

    Car washing

    Take advantage of preferential rates to keep your vehicle sparkling.

    Available to customers who purchased a vehicle under the Corporate Programme on or after 1 January 2020. Video is for demonstration purposes only and the products and prices shown are not representations of current products and prices currently be available. All categories, products and prices are subject to change. For details on current product and pricing please login to the Corporate Rewards Portal. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply.

    Current offers

    Current offers
    latest offers

    Explore the current offers and special editions across Mercedes-Benz models.

    [1] Corporate programme is available to approved corporations who meet the eligibility criteria and is available on selected new passenger cars only. The programme requires a minimum commitment over 24 months. 
    [2] Purchase of a Compact vehicle will attract a discount of $1500.00 off the Manufacturer’s List Price. Purchase of a Non-Compact Vehicle will attract a discount of $2000.00 off the Manufacturer’s List Price. Refer to the Terms and Conditions of the Mercedes-Benz Corporate Programme and Fleet Support for further details regarding which vehicles are considered to be ‘Compact Vehicles’ and ‘Non-Compact Vehicles.’ 
    [3] Available to customers who purchase a vehicle under the Corporate Programme on or after 1 January 2020. Access (including ongoing access) to Corporate Rewards is contingent on the customer holding a valid membership with the Mercedes-Benz Corporate Programme. Member Benefits is not a representative or agent of Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-Benz accepts no legal responsibility for the Member Benefits website, any information supplied or any goods or services provided by Member Benefits. 
    [4] Not applicable to all models.