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Mercedes-Benz Vehicle Maintenance.

The smart way to keep your van or ute on the road.

It’s good thinking to have vehicle maintenance up-to-date. Our nationwide network of approved retailers will prevent problems before they occur, to reduce downtime and keep you on the road. 

Service intervals.

It’s essential to know when your Mercedes-Benz van or ute is due for service. Mercedes-Benz service intervals have been set to ensure you get the best performance from your vehicle over its life.

  • Sprinter (NCV3): 30,000km / 1 year (whichever comes first)
  • Vito/Vito Tourer: 25,000km / 1 year (whichever comes first)
  • V-Class: 25,000km / 1 year (whichever comes first)
  • X-Class 4-cylinder: up to max 20,000km / 1 year
  • X-Class V6: up to max 20,000km / 1 year
  • Sprinter (BR907 & BR910 Euro 6): up to max 40,000km / 2 years

Below you will find an example of the items covered during a Standard A Service (Plus Oil Service) and Standard B Service (Maintenance Service). For this example only, the service sheets relate to Sprinter and Vito models and the items covered may vary between models.

Mercedes-Benz Standard A and B Service.

  1. Standard A Service

  2. Standard B Service

Watch your AdBlue levels.

Mercedes-Benz Vito, Vito Tourer, V-Class and new Sprinter diesel engine vehicles carrying use AdBlue technology to help reduce harmful nitrogen oxides in their emissions.

As the levels of AdBlue get low, a warning light appears on your dashboard. If you don’t top up, you’ll see a reduction in engine performance and the vehicle’s speed will be limited until the tank has been refilled.

You can top up your AdBlue tank at most service stations across the country. It’s complimentary for all Vito, Vito Tourer, Marco Polo Activity, V-Class and Sprinter models1 at your nearest approved Mercedes-Benz Vans Retailer.

Book an appointment at your local vans retailer. 

1 Complimentary AdBlue refills are available for Vito, Vito Tourer, V-Class and Sprinter (907 and 910) only between services at authorised Mercedes-Benz Vans retailers during the manufacturer’s warranty period, or whilst under a Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare Pre-Paid Plan.

Digital Service Booklet.

Keep your records up to date online with the digital service booklet. It complements the hard copy Service Booklet in your vehicle, and secures all proof-of-service, including records of maintenance work done, in the central Mercedes-Benz database.

Owners only keep the most recent service report. If the report is lost, any Mercedes-Benz Authorised Retailer can provide information on all service data of the vehicle. A complete service history can be created if required.

This means you’ll have all the records you need when you want to sell your vehicle and reliable information when you’re purchasing a used Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

The right parts

Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts maintain an exact fit and exceptional standard of quality, while ensuring the precise craftsmanship and premium performance. All Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts are protected by a 24-month/unlimited km warranty.

The right equipment

Mercedes-Benz approved equipment includes tools, parts and the chassis alignment system. The approved Mercedes-Benz chassis alignment system has been developed exclusively from original blueprints so that repairs are made with original assembly line accuracy.

The right people

Our technicians have the advanced skills and training to ensure that repairs to the paintwork and body are performed with the utmost precision, commitment and care. Whether it's a minor scratch or a major collision, insist that your vehicle is always repaired by an authorised Mercedes-Benz Auto Body Repairer.