Vanrooy Machinery

From baker to builder.

It was a trip to Europe that swayed John Van Rooy to change the core of the business he founded. He had been working all hours of the night in his family’s bakery, using machinery they’d brought from others. 

However, when he went overseas to visit industry exhibitions, he saw baking equipment that was streets ahead of the machinery back home. Seeing an opportunity, he brought the first rotating rack bakery oven to Australia and sold it. Vanrooy Machinery was born. 

Now, with grandson Benji Van Rooy managing their fleet of Vito and Sprinter vans, Vanrooy Machinery sell and deliver high quality commercial food equipment to their customers, as well as offering a state of the art test kitchen facility and industry leading service support.

“We are always looking at innovation and how we can best help our customers to achieve not only the products that they desire – but a return on investment as well,” says Benji.

With a mountain of machinery moved every day, it was important for the Vanrooy Machinery team to invest in reliable and trusted delivery transport, and make a return on their own investment, too. 

Because – according to Benji – finding the right fleet is “an important decision that impacts your growth, future direction and how effectively you can service your customer network.” 

Fortunately for Benji, he had previously worked in the motor industry as a finance manager. He was well-versed in a range of brands that might be able to fulfil Vanrooy Machinery’s needs. Therefore, when it came to making the all-important transport decision, their choice was a “no brainer”. 

“From these years of experience, the Mercedes range was a clear choice for us,” he says. “We did extensive research on the options in the market, determining the Mercedes range was a clear winner on build quality and safety.”

Vanrooy have built a fleet of 5 Mercedes-Benz Vans, chosen for their style on the road, as well as the “longevity and quality of the build.”

For the Sprinter, Benji praises the drive, as “sometimes you forget you are driving a van, and not a car”. However, there is an added advantage too,“ It allows us to make our important deliveries without requiring any of our service and installation team to upgrade their driver’s licenses,” he says, as their Sprinter’s load clocks in under 5 tonnes, meaning that the staff can continue to use their regular license. 

Vanrooy Machinery is a business built on four values: customer focus, teamwork, innovation and integrity. Benji believes that their choice of vans helps them uphold these values, and remain true to their sense of purpose. 

“For us, our fleet brings out the best in what Vanrooy Machinery represents, and values we abide by each and every day,” says Benji. “The vans allow us to deliver on these promises and assist us to uphold our values to the highest level.”

As a company who specialise in providing and servicing goods, Vanrooy Machinery know a thing or two about good customer experience. 

According to Benji, the customer service that Mercedes-Benz Vans has provided for Vanrooy is “effortless and enjoyable, and we are always presented with a range of options for the vehicles to assist with the acquisition.”

Vanrooy Machinery are particularly focused on bespoke experiences, providing goods that fit the exact specifications of their customers. So it makes sense that they want their vans to be unique and suited to their own business.

To make sure their fleet stands out on the road, they commissioned some custom graphics to capture the essence of their family business. 

“I couldn’t tell you how many times we have been contacted by friends and family saying ‘I just saw one of your vans go by,’” laughs Benji. 

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Article commissioned by Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific Pty Ltd.