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The vital Vito is your reno buddy.

Channel Nine’s Space Invaders showcases the organisational expertise of Peter Walsh, Cherie Barber and Lucas Callaghan as they declutter Aussie homes. 

Their fourth team member – a Mercedes-Benz Vito – helps with all manner of tasks, from transport to storage, and is a great reorganisation and renovation companion. Here’s some tricks and tips to show how the Vito can help with your next home project. 

Content commissioned by Mercedes-Benz


How low can you go?

Cleaning out your house means that often you are left with big, bulky items that no longer suit the space. However, there are plenty of places to donate to, and loads of willing buyers via online marketplaces. 

When moving cumbersome, heavy items – think: bed frames, small couches or tables – you need a quick and safe way to load them up. 

Using a van with a low floor means loading and unloading is safe and easy for those heavy and unwieldy items. Plus, the Vito’s three-metre load compartment is perfect for fitting in those big-ticket items, like that extra large dining table, ready to head to its next destination. 

Business up front, rear view in the back. 

So you followed the ‘Tetris’ approach, loaded your van a mile high, and now you are ready to hit the road with your goods. However, making sure you can actually see the road is key! 

Finding that you can’t fit everything in without blocking out your back windows can mean multiple trips – unless you have a pair of digital eyes that can do the work for you. 

The Vito has got your back. The optional digital rear-view mirror keeps an eye on what’s behind the vehicle, so even when the load compartment is full to the roof, you still have visibility of what is happening behind you. There is now more safety for you than ever before. 

Exiting made easy.  

Ensuring that your vehicle is as close as possible to your items is crucial, when loading or unloading. A great trick is opening and securing your back doors with the optional feature to fold back the Vito’s doors to 270 degrees - then reversing as close as possible to where you want to move or unload your items. Less ground to cover means less lifting time. 

Both sides of the Vito have sliding doors, making access super straight forward. You can enter and exit the van easily through them, no matter which side you’re parked on. 

From the ground up. 

After cleaning out the house, you might want to add some indoor plants to your new space. Travelling home with your new foliage can lead to a sprinkling of dirt in your vehicle for months to come, however using a van with a wooden floor means that your greenery can be loaded with ease!

If you’re transporting anything likely to leave marks or stains, a wooden floor can make cleaning up easier and reduce the risk of damage to the compartment. The Vito’s flat floor is also a plus when loading or unloading, because you can slide items in to avoid scratching or damaging your van.  

Noise reduced, safety increased. 

It’s never fun to be squished in the middle of the van, with timber, boxes and various odds and ends after a renovation-inspired trip to Bunnings. 

Having a protective bulkhead means there is a safety barrier between the driver and whatever you might be hauling in the back. This optional barrier helps keep passengers safe, while also reducing interior noise, giving you some well-earned peace and quiet. 

Now that the clean out is out of the way, you can kick into transformation gear, by driving new changes within your home – Space Invaders-style. 

Catch up on Space Invaders Channel 9 and 9NOW. 

Article commissioned by Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific Pty Ltd.