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Fine dining delivered door-to-door.

Door-to-door fine dining is on the menu.

In a food-obsessed city like Melbourne - where heading out to a range of restaurants and bars is a weekly ritual for most people - COVID-19 has meant that a thriving hospitality scene has gone into hibernation.

Shane Delia - chef, TV presenter, author and Melbourne restaurant icon - knows all too well that “the smartest operators need to adapt”, especially in the toughest times. They see changing circumstances, then adapt and innovate to make sure things keep moving. 

That’s why Delia founded Providoor, a door-to-door delivery service that says ‘no’ to cold kebabs and soggy pizzas, and ‘yes’ to the sorts of food you would expect on date night at an inner-city hotspot.   

“It’s not just about serving food and drink, it’s about creating experiences that exceed expectations - and with Providoor we can give customers that experience at home,” he says. 

There’s one final piece of the Providoor puzzle, too. Delia has had the support of a versatile Mercedes-Benz Vito while getting his new business off the ground, and onto the road.

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Meals are curated and prepared by award-winning chefs from some of Melbourne’s finest restaurants - MoVida, Flower Drum, Estelle and Supernormal to name a few - then delivered to you in vacuum-sealed packs. All you need to do is heat, plate and enjoy. 

“You get to look like a rockstar when everything comes out, but the reality is that all you did is boil some water,” laughs Delia. 

Sure, the new business is a smart response to the COVID-19 crisis. But it’s also Delia’s way of helping give chefs control of what’s delivered - and improve the work-life balance of everyone in the hospitality industry. 

“It’s all about equality,” he says. 

“And that means equal for everybody. The restaurant owner, the restaurant employee and the customer.”

For customers, that means eating restaurant-quality food at home, without having to do the shopping, cooking or cleaning - and without having to buy obscure, expensive ingredients that get used once, then waste away in the back of the fridge.

With the list of restaurants taking part in Providoor growing by the week - top-shelf groceries, desserts and cocktails have already been added to the menu as well - Delia is sure this new way of doing business will stick around after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

“Customers coming into a dining room are just non-existent. Will they come back at the same capacity? In the same volume? I don’t know,” he considers.

“The future of dining in Melbourne may not be traditional bricks and mortar. It may be in people's homes.”

Delia’s Mercedes-Benz Vito is the perfect fit to help him make it all happen, too.

“Providoor’s a premium platform, so every part of it has to be premium,” he says. 

“Plus, safety is a big part of what we do, and whether it’s transporting staff or stock, we make sure it’s done in the safest way possible.”