Places We Swim

Diving right in. 

Caroline Clements and Dillon Seitchik-Reardon’s new book Places We Swim pulls together photos and stories of places people take to the water. To celebrate its release, we gave them a Marco Polo ACTIVITY for a weekend road trip, and they shared some highlights.

Caroline and Dillon describe themselves as people who simply “appreciate a great place and want to get others excited about all of the wild beauty that our country has to offer.”

As captured on our Instagram account @mercedesbenzvans_au, there were plenty of favourite moments from their recent trip in the Marco Polo ACTIVITY, including a dip at the largest ocean pool in Australia:

“Our favourite pool in Newcastle is Merewether Ocean Baths. It’s a @placesweswim special, it’s open year-round, and is free to enter. On a day like today it’s freakin' lovely out here,” they said.

And the end of long days in the water, the Marco Polo proved to be the perfect place to camp:

“The Rooftop tent, it’s like sleeping in a tree house. This car can actually sleep four people. You can put the seats down in the back, too. It’s great for a family weekend away.”

Other highlights included waking up in the Munmorah State Park, south of Newcastle and exploring new beaches in the area.

“We hadn’t been before and there’s so much to see and do – beaches to swim and surf, hiking tracks, picnic tables to stop for a coffee and make breakfast,” they said.

“Found a spot for coffee in the rainforest near Fraser Beach. We always take time when we’re on the road to stop for coffee. Hot tip for #vanlifers: BYO plastic aeropress - so light and good to travel with. Oh, and be sure to pick up some local beans along the way.”

And a local brew in the rainforest wasn’t the culinary adventure. In Newcastle they also discovered some great new local eateries including “the Criterion Hotel in Carrington for a pub meal, and Subo for something a bit special.”

So, after two years of road-tripping to find some of this country’s greatest swimming spots, what’s their recommendation for first-time travellers?

“Try not to cover too much ground, particularly if you only have a weekend. Focus on one region and explore it well. As comfortable as the Marco Polo ACTIVITY is, let it take you to places so you can get out and discover them.”

Now there’s some words to swim by.


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