The Glazier's Best Friend

The glazier's best friend.


Hans Hudler-Oswald grew up in a family of glaziers. Inspired by four generations before him, the decision to dedicate his life to the glass craft was easy.

He left high school to take up an apprenticeship, and after his dad retired, Hans took over the family business at a relatively young age. 

“I had to open up shop straight away,” he recalls. 

In 2011, Hans and wife Kristin decided to start their own business together, and so Bayernglas, based in Munich, Germany, was born. Since then, his passion for the craft has stayed strong, thanks in part to the variety of the work he does.

“You are never on the same construction site for long,” he says.

“One day I’m repairing a sliding door or glass wall, the next day installing a kitchen canopy, and the day after that setting up a glass facade.”

A passion for the craft.

There’s another aspect that keeps him at the top of his game - sharing his love of glassworking with his apprentices. Hans makes sure they’re always inspired to learn and develop the traditional skills he was taught by his father.

“Anybody can press a button,” he says, explaining the most important lesson. 

“At Bayernglass, every apprentice must be able to perform each and every step of the work by hand.”

The right van for any job.

Transporting heavy, valuable goods long distances requires a safe, comfortable and versatile van. And it goes without saying that the fragility of glass demands an additional level of care - especially when dealing with panes that weigh hundreds of kilos. 

When Hans was deciding on vehicles for Bayernglas, load capacity, hard-wearing brakes and responsive suspension were big reasons why he chose a fleet of six Mercedes-Benz Sprinters. 

Panes of glass can be loaded inside the Sprinter cargo area, and oversized pieces are taken to the work site on a specially-constructed external frame. On the way to each job, the fleet stands out on the busy Munich roads. 


Designed to be noticed.

The company wraps on each of the Bayernglas Sprinters are designed to represent a unique element that represents the business - an Alpine landscape through a cabin window, a night scene outside a modern office, a neon green building plan. 

But the six vehicles have one visual element in common - the lion from the Bavarian coat of arms that forms part of the Bayernglas logo. No matter where they’re parked, passers-by know Hans and his crew are on the job.

The master glazier knew he’d picked the right fleet from day one, but a recent upgrade to the new Sprinter has made Hans an even bigger fan. He loves the look of the latest model, and calls out his favourite features that help Bayernglas get the job done.

The comfort makes long journeys to out-of-the-way worksites a relaxing experience. The multifunction steering wheel and MBUX system puts everything drivers need within arms’ reach, so they can focus on the road. And the high-resolution reversing camera makes it easy to navigate the bustling CBD and narrow laneways in country towns. 

For Hans, taking his passion for the trade to new and interesting places is the aim of the game. Thanks to the Sprinter, he can get anywhere a work site is waiting.


Article commissioned by Mercedes-Benz. The modifications depicted have been carried out by independent third parties with non-genuine Mercedes-Benz parts and accessories. Such modification are in no way indorsed by Mercedes-Benz.