Food truck dream

Get your food truck dream on the road.

Find your food niche

One of the best ways to start your food truck business on the right foot is to offer something that makes you stand out from the crowd. Do you have an appreciation for hot dogs? Vietnamese pancakes? Or Brazilian BBQ? Whatever you want your food truck to sell, just remember to have a point of difference. And don’t forget - whether you choose to sell ice-creams or Indian delicacies, you’ll need to kit your van with the right equipment.

Get busy on your business plan

Writing a business plan is an essential step on your journey to running a successful food truck business. A business plan will help you work out the kinks in your business, from your brand name to your finances.

Take care of legal

As exciting as the food industry can be, it has some of the strictest regulations out there. Everything from health to hygiene, labelling and more will need to be in sync with your local and federal laws. If in doubt, it’s worth picking up the phone to your local government department, to find out what needs to be taken care of.

Find out about funding

When it comes to crunch time, one of the biggest obstacles to turning your food truck dream into reality is financing. Before you begin, it’s important to choose how you’ll finance your food truck business. You might choose the traditional route and rely on your own savings, or apply for a loan. Or you could get creative and run a crowdfunding campaign, or pitch to an investor. Whatever you choose, make sure you do some solid planning before you get started.

Make your food truck famous

Once you’ve chosen your brand name, written up your business plan and got your restaurant on four wheels, it’s time to let everyone know. Share the news with your family and friends, and get on social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Memorable branding, combined with great food, and rewards for sharing, are a great way to get people talking. With the right attitude and a good dose of business savvy, you’ll have your business up and running in no time.

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