Full of life

Full of life.

For those who have big plans.

The Mercedes-Benz V-Class has a spacious interior prepared for every situation. Whether you need to accommodate your feisty football-playing children with their friends and equipment, a weekend road trip or you’re planning a surfing holiday for the family - the Mercedes-Benz V-Class covers all possibilities.

As valuable as time with the family: the V-Class with two sliding doors.

Definitely a sunny outlook.

Great fun and confidence-inspiring safety.

Holidaying off the beaten path? Off to the beach in windswept conditions? Or a relaxed journey home after a day full of activity? There are many reasons why the V-Class is the perfect vehicle for your family. With its vigilant assistance systems, the V-Class is able to support you in a wide variety of situations. For example, Crosswind Assist, included as standard, helps to prevent drift in the event of a gusting crosswind. Whatever adventures you’re planning, you can be sure that your family is looked after.

Intelligent safety.

One thing is certain.

In a Mercedes-Benz V-Class you're in safe hands, thanks to numerous integrated assistance systems giving you outstanding support. Take for example the Driving Assistance Package - an intelligent combination of four assistance and safety systems which support the driver with preventative safety actions.

Take families to their destination in comfort.

Off to new pastures.

The journey to your dream destination is enhanced by your V-Class. Whether you’re heading for the mountains or the sea, occupants and their equipment can be carried anywhere in safety and comfort in the V-Class. Off to a tournament loaded with equipment? No problem. The V-Class is happy to be the team bus. Off on a family holiday with the kids, including their toys? The V-Class has plenty of comfortable space to accommodate it all. The variable space concept seats up to 8 occupants, with additional space for luggage.