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Safety notice

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Connecting the Mercedes me Adapter to the diagnostics socket always ensures that:

  • the functions of vehicle systems are not impaired,

  • the starter battery cannot become discharged,

  • no emission monitoring information is reset.

The Mercedes me Adapter may only be used in vehicles approved by Mercedes-Benz with the supported smartphones and operating systems. A list of the approved vehicles can be found in the "General" section, information about compatible smartphones in the "Adapter App" section.

Risk of distraction due to use of mobile communication devices whilst driving.
You may be distracted from the road and traffic if you use mobile communication devices whilst driving.
You can also lose control of the vehicle.
Only use these devices when the vehicle is stationary.
Furthermore, we should point out that mobile communication devices/smartphones are to be stowed safely in the vehicle.
The Mercedes me Adapter has been developed for permanent use in the relevant diagnostics socket and should remain connected there.

Please observe your home country's laws regarding the use of smartphones in the vehicle whilst driving.

Conversion or modification of the Mercedes me Adapter impairs functional safety and can have effects on your vehicle. Caution: risk of injury!

Never open the Mercedes me Adapter unless authorised to do so. Never perform repairs yourself!

Handle the Mercedes me Adapter with care. It can be damaged by shocks, impacts or dropping from even a low height.

Keep the Mercedes me Adapter away from moisture and extreme heat.

Never immerse the Mercedes me Adapter in water or other liquids. To clean it, use a cloth moistened with water. Never use aggressive cleaning agents (vinegar/lemon-based cleaners, scourers, lime scale or nail varnish remover, all-purpose cleaners, neutral cleaners, white spirit, natural cleaners containing oil or similar) or abrasive brushes or sponges or similar cleaning aids to clean the Adapter.

Keep your Mercedes me Adapter and its accessories out of the reach of children. If any small parts are swallowed, seek medical assistance immediately. Risk of injury or even danger to life!

In the event of excessive heat generation by the smartphone, always check for proper functioning. If problems persist, please stop the app on your smartphone and contact your smartphone manufacturer.

Stow or attach the smartphone securely before each journey. Note that, in the event of sudden deceleration (braking), non-secured objects like smartphones can cause major risks, damage and injuries to both the vehicle occupants and other road users.

People with hearing aids or other devices with the BAHA® ("Bone Anchored Hearing Aid") label or "partially implanted" or "fully implanted" hearing aids may experience an increase in noise interference. Please contact your hearing aid manufacturer to discuss alternatives.

People with medical devices, e.g. pacemaker or defibrillator: when you use the Mercedes me Adapter, there is a radio link between your smartphone and the Adapter. The electromagnetic radiation can impair the functioning of a medical device. Risk of fatal injury! Before operating the Mercedes me Adapter, always ask your doctor or the medical device's manufacturer about any effects of the Mercedes me Adapter's emissions.

The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited at filling stations. There is a risk of explosion as the battery can spring out of the mobile phone if it is dropped, and the sparks caused by this could ignite petrol fumes. It is prohibited to remove or insert the Mercedes me Adapter when the vehicle is in a refuelling area.

Refrain from any software re-engineering or logging/decompiling as well as any code tampering with regard to the Mercedes me Adapter and the app. Risk of injury!

Jail-broken smartphones (non-authorised removal of usage restrictions on the mobile operating systems of the smartphone manufacturers) are not supported and are generally excluded from usage.

Technical modifications, errors, omissions and deviations excepted!

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