Is my data protected?
Is my data protected?

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    We take data protection into account when designing the networked services. Right from the start, we pay the highest level of attention to data protection during development of the systems and services.

    The car of the future is increasingly becoming a digital companion, which means that we must ensure data security as well as road safety and operating safety.

    Daimler AG does not produce movement profiles with Mercedes me services. We comply with all applicable laws on data protection, and even governmental authorities can only access the data within the bounds of the law.

    Furthermore, Daimler has a "Corporate Policy for Data Protection for Data of Customers & Partners" to regulate the processing of personal data, which is based on globally accepted basic principles and ensures a uniform and globally valid data protection and data security standard.

    Mercedes me services involve the acquisition of personal data as well as the generation of personal data. This happens on the basis of contractual arrangements or customer consent. The acquired data are saved in encrypted form. Furthermore, the customer can deactivate their Mercedes me Adapter services at any time.

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