The Genuine Windshield
The Genuine Windshield.

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In the name of quality, Mercedes-Benz Genuine Windshields and Glass Adhesive are specially manufactured for Mercedes-Benz vehicles and is strenuously tested to ensure maximum performance.

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Windshields:

  • Ideal interaction between windshield and multifunction camera supports the optimum function of driver assistant systems.
  • Finely tuned interaction with other genuine components such as the Mercedes-Benz Genuine Glass Adhesive.
  • The laminated safety glass of a Mercedes-Benz windshield filters out nearly 100% of UV radiation, providing excellent protection for its passengers.
  • Perfect shape for water tightness and quick installation.
  • Optimal calibration of sensor and camera systems.
  • High stability and levels of safety.
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