Storage box

Storage box.

Fitted pricing packages starting from $1,269 including GST[1].

Protect tools and equipment from theft and movement in the X-Class cargo bed. A lockable storage box, fitted in the rail system, enables you to compartmentalise the space, keep organised and benefit from additional security. It has three-way opening, a 156L volume, protects against the weather and is also easy to remove and clean. Can also be used away from the vehicle.

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Storage box 1


[1] Prices shown are the manufacturer’s recommended list price (MRLP) for the purchase of the package and installation including GST. Additional costs can result from paintwork or required additional part/accessories.  MRLP is subject to change without notice. Package compatibility varies between vehicles, models and equipment. Please confirm final pricing and also check that the package is available and fit for your vehicle prior to purchase. 


1 Requires load securing rail system/mounting rails, installation restrictions also applicable


For more detailed information on vehicle applicability, additional accessories please contact your local Retailer to discuss further.


Please note additional fitting times maybe required subject to other accessories already fitted on vehicles