Towing package

Towing Package.

Fitted pricing packages starting from $1,816 including GST[1]

  • 907 RWD Sprinter CAB CHASSIS Van > 2t Towbar  - $1,816
  • 907 RWD Sprinter CAB CHASSIS Van > 3.5t Towbar - $1,816
  • 910 FWD Sprinter CAB CHASSIS Van > 2t Towbar  - $1,816
  • 907 RWD Sprinter Van > 2t Towbar  - $1,826
  • 910 FWD Sprinter > 2t Towbar - $1,856
  • 907 RWD Sprinter Van > 3.5t Towbar - $2,741
  • 907.653 RWD Sprinter Van > 3.5t Towbar - $2,747
  • 907 RWD Sprinter TRANSFER BUS > 2t Towbar - $2,829


Increase your Sprinter’s carrying capacity by installing a Mercedes-Benz Genuine towbar, wiring harness & control unit.

Advantages of the Genuine Mercedes-Benz Trailer Recognition Control Unit

  • Provides an interface between the vehicle and the trailer.
  • Tailors the vehicle’s critical safety and electrical systems accordingly.
  • It recognises when a trailer is fitted.

If the Trailer Recognition Control Unit is not fitted in conjunction with the tow bar, certain vehicle safety and electrical features may not function correctly.



[1] Prices shown are the manufacturer’s recommended list price (MRLP) for the purchase of the package and installation including GST. Additional costs can result from paintwork or required additional part/accessories.  MRLP is subject to change without notice. Package compatibility varies between vehicles, models and equipment. Please confirm final pricing and also check that the package is available and fit for your vehicle prior to purchase. 

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