X-Class Build Your Own Canopy

Build your own custom ute canopy with X-Class.


All X-Class vehicles have been discontinued in Australia and there is limited stock remaining. Whilst we will do our best to update our website to reflect available vehicles, some of the models, specifications and options displayed may no longer be in stock.  Please check with your local retailer for stock availability.

Explore and discover your own choice of a custom ute canopy.

No longer just the ultimate tradie tool, the ute has made it into the driveways of an increasing number of Aussies from explorers to executives. It’s no wonder, thanks to a high capacity for heavy haulage and tackling tough terrain.

An innovative work-vehicle-turned-weekender, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class takes the ute to a new level of class, comfort and utility. The custom dual cab canopy solutions available add the versatility to pack in more – meaning more gear, and more adventurous experiences.

Whether you’re running your business, shuttling kids around town or heading into the bush for some time away, you can build your own X-Class ute canopy to suit your lifestyle and adventure plans.

What is a ute canopy?

Adding a canopy means even more space, storage and security. From tools to camping gear, the canopy securely carries your load while a lockable solution protects any valuables inside. 

You can say goodbye to tying stuff down to the tray or fitting nets to hold down your gear. A hard cover option means you won’t have to worry about dust, dirt or rain soiling and spoiling your things – and a removable canopy can make your ute more versatile than a wagon.

What types of ute canopies are there?

Do you need a lightweight, detachable solution? Keen to mount roof racks on top? Want windows for fresh air and easy access? There’s a canopy to suit your ute. Options have evolved from soft tonneau covers to glossy, fully-integrated designs. Let’s take a look at the wide range of materials that can complement your ride.

Fiberglass canopies.

The most commonly used material for canopies, durable fibreglass stands up to the wear and tear of lugging your gear in the back. The lightweight nature of fibreglass makes it easy to lift off the canopy when you need to open up the tray. Plus, that reduced mass means minimal impact on your total vehicle weight, so your ute can maintain handling. The other beauty of a fibreglass canopy is that it won’t rust, making it a low maintenance option that holds up to the elements.

Steel and aluminium canopies.

Both hard-wearing options, steel is the heavier but stronger solution, while aluminium offers security at a lighter weight. If you’ve got plenty to carry on top of your roof racks, you might want to look at a steel canopy.

Canvas canopies.

Certainly the most affordable option, canvas canopies can be cut to fit any frame and offer quick and easy access to your gear – but there are some obvious downsides. There’s no secure protection from dust, weather or theft, and because canvas can’t hold anything on top, your storage is confined to what you can fit inside.

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class canopies.

The X-Class is compatible with all types of ute canopies. The robust fibreglass options from Mercedes-Benz offer exceptional security and style in a dual cab ute canopy, designed to complement your X-Class.


What styles of ute canopies are there?

Your choice of canopy will depend on your lifestyle and needs.

Tray-mounted canopies.

If you’re after versatility, a tray-mounted canopy is the only solution. It can be easily removed when you need to open up the tray for work, or re-fitted to another vehicle if you upgrade your ride.

Chassis-mounted canopies.

No plans to take off the canopy or switch it between vehicles? A chassis-mounted option means a lighter overall weight and a lower floor height. It’s important to remember, though, that you won’t have the capability to carry bulky items like furniture in the back.

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class canopies.

With a choice of two versatile, tray-mounted options, there’s a Mercedes-Benz X-Class canopy to suit your lifestyle.

What other things should I consider when choosing a ute canopy?

It’s important to consider more than how the ute canopy is made and mounted – think about why you need one and what’s going underneath. How much storage space are you after? Does it need to be accessible from both the driver and passenger side? Will you be carrying a pet or two who need ventilation?


The amount of space you need will dictate the design you choose. Decide if you’ll need to remove your canopy as this will determine the style you’re after. Consider the benefits of the options available including lift-up or sliding windows, roof racks that can be easily attached and removed, or the visual security of tinted windows.


Do you need air to circulate through the back? Windows that open up will get fresh air into the canopy, which is especially important if you’re going to travel with pets in the back.


There’s access, and then there’s easy access. Large windows that open make reaching into the tray easy. A single-handle opening mechanism makes life easy when you need to keep one hand on your gear. Safe, secure central locking makes accessibility a problem – for anyone but you, that is.

Quality and durability.

Look for hard-wearing, well-made materials, whichever canopy type you choose. Whether you’re lugging bikes or securing tools, you want the confidence robust storage and protection can bring.

Which ute canopy should I choose?

Ultimately, the right ute canopy will depend on your needs – but with the options available today, there’s no need to pick between style and substance.

Ute canopy for functionality and easy access.

Think pop out or slide up windows, particularly on the driver’s side. Central locking for instant access and security. Bright interior LED lighting that’s easy to access. And the option to add roof rails for increased storage space.

Ute canopy for style.

There’s no need to sacrifice personality for practicality. A fibreglass canopy can be painted in the vehicle’s colour for an integrated look. Tinted doors and windows create privacy inside with a sleek look outside. While a fully lined interior gives a premium look and protects your load.

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class canopies.

A great ute canopy has got to look and be functional, and the X-Class dual cab ute fits the bill – it’s as stylish as it is practical.

Build your own ute canopy that suits your lifestyle.

Grand tourer or weekend warrior? With two dual cab canopies on offer from Mercedes-Benz, you can choose one to complement the way you live, work and play.

The X-Class Sports canopy.

Sport some serious style. The X-Class Sports canopy delivers sleek functionality with a fully integrated design. Featuring lift-up and pop-out tinted windows, secure central locking, LED lighting, fully lined interior and optional roof rails with a 150kg roof load rating, you’ll leave a striking impression whenever you make tracks.

The X-Class Touring canopy.

Need to maximise capacity? The Touring canopy has loads in store. Make it your own with a choice of three window types in a range of sliding and lifting combinations. The large, single-handed openings make for quick and easy access to your gear, while sliding windows offer maximum ventilation, making them great for pets.

If you’re hauling some serious gear, the Touring canopy has a roof load rating of 100kg dynamic and 400kg static – if you want to attach a roof top tent. The roof rails can be fitted easily, with no internal reinforcement needed. That means you can use or lose your canopy depending on the situation.

Create a custom ute canopy with the X-Class.

Whatever job or adventure awaits, the X-Class ute has the capacity to boot. And with a genuine Mercedes-Benz custom ute canopy, you’ll top off your ride with utility and style.

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