X-Class TVC Behind the Scenes


Watch them eat dust.


Production of X-Class vehicles has ceased and there is no new vehicle stock remaining in Australia. The information provided on this webpage is for reference purposes only. Should you require specific product information visit the X-Class Overview page.

2 choppers. 8 stunt performers. 30 extras. 8 trail bikes. 10 scooters. 2 tracking vehicles. And the star of the show, the X-Class V6.

After the X-Class V6 launched in December last year, we set out to show the world how well the X-Class can handle the most challenging conditions. This meant collaborating with some of the most creative minds in Australia. “Let them eat dust” was chosen as a tagline that perfectly summed up the capabilities of this powerful ute.

“It was extremely important that we created a campaign that launches the X-Class V6 into the Australian and New Zealand markets with immense pace and power, showcasing how well it can tackle our local terrain while turning heads at the same time," said Diane Tarr - Managing Director, Mercedes-Benz Vans Australia and New Zealand.

The result is an ad that shows the X-Class not just conquering the toughest terrain, but also the most tenacious pursuers - leading the paparazzi on a chase to remember.

The opening scenes were filmed a couple of streets away from Canberra’s Parliament Station. While the action-packed motorcycle pursuit took place across a very dry Lake George.

The helicopter sequence and river crossing were shot in bushland 45km south of Australia’s capital. And it all happened for real.

“There’s no green screen, no CGI. It was all done in camera, no trickery,” said producer Brenton Matulick.

And there were definitely no camera tricks involved when it came to the X-Class outpacing every vehicle the crew put behind, next to and above it.

“Our lead stunt driver says [the X-Class] has the most power out of any vehicle he’s driven, and it handled beautifully over the bumps,” said Matulick.