Where community and collaboration meets hospitality.

Watching Michael Bascetta and Roscoe Power joke behind the Worksmith bar, you’d be forgiven for thinking that these two are jovial bartenders working a shift. They’re not. The pair are two-thirds of one of Melbourne’s leading hospitality groups, committed to finding new, communal ways of working. 

Worksmith have provided a space for those in the hospitality sector to work, collaborate and create, at their Smith Street headquarters. The fully kitted-out location includes an industrial kitchen, workspaces for those juggling with eCommerce, a podcast room, a full bar - and a handy Vito Crew Cab to assist with deliveries. 

Overcoming obstacles. 

Since Worksmith’s inception in 2018, the hospitality industry has sustained a few blows, with the pandemic, staffing shortages and supply chain issues all having lasting effects.

All that has done is make Worksmith’s role as a resource for the hospitality community even more important, when it comes to educating businesses on how to make sustainable and viable structures in the long-term. 

“What’s really important for us is that through Worksmith, and through the power of collaboration, is teaching people how they can create financially sustainable businesses,” says Roscoe.

However, the support on offer for ventures goes beyond the space, and can include everything from help with branding, to research and development, and even data and HR management. 

Most importantly, Worksmith’s foundation is based on bringing people together, and connecting small businesses with suppliers, buyers and industry players. 

“The core value behind Worksmith is collaboration over competition, so we believe that by bringing great Australian businesses in the food and beverage sector together, that we’ll get better as a whole,” explains Roscoe. 




Every community needs a van. 

As home delivery gained momentum during the pandemic, it became clear that Worksmith needed a more efficient, agile delivery system to transport more and more of their ventures’ wares around Melbourne. 

That’s where the Vito came in. A partnership with Mercedes-Benz Vans has produced a van to help take the pressure off deliveries and logistics, and the team have made full use of it. 

“We have a number of people operating eCommerce businesses out of our space, and we’ve been able to empower them with the use of the Vito van to complete their deliveries,” says Roscoe.

One such business is Holy Sugar, a weekly pastry box created by Audrey Allard. Her in-demand creations are sought-after, preparing decadent eclairs and fluffy sponges for her loyal customer base. 

As her business has grown, so has her delivery radius.




“With the Vito, I can now do up to three times the amount of deliveries,” she says. 

“I can also up my range of deliveries, and drive a lot further.” 

The van space is a crucial benefit for Audrey, because it helps her save time on long delivery runs.

“It’s super easy to load my boxes, get my boxes out, and when I have to deliver them to people’s houses, it’s just a quick in-and-out.” 

It was also important to Audrey that the van didn’t feel like a huge truck.  

She finds that the van drives like a car, which makes it easier for those who aren’t used to the size and space of a van.

“Even with my size - I’m quite short - getting in and out is easy.”

New hospitality horizons. 

One positive aspect of lockdown was a new endeavour for the Worksmith directors: Home Grown Cocktails. 

The pre-mixed cocktail blends come in both kegged and bottled form, and are designed to be distributed to bars and restaurants all over the city, to create more ease around cocktail creation. 

“We created it to help bars and pubs and clubs serve great Australian cocktails, by making them in batch form, so they can easily pour over ice,” says Roscoe. 

They can also be enjoyed by at home, and currently come in three flavour-led combinations - and all the ingredients come from Australian producers.

“We’re passionate about putting local spirit producers into our drinks, to enable food and beverage businesses to be able to pour Australian in their venues.”

Now, the Vito van is able to add to that passion, helping them reach the goals of their motto (“Grow. Hospitality. Together”) every day.


Content commissioned by Mercedes-Benz