Eating well on the road

Eating well on the road.

Our iconic Sprinter van is often the vehicle of choice for those keen to say goodbye to the city and hit the wide open road for a dose of #vanlife.

There's plenty of reasons why people choose the Sprinter when considering a constant change of scenery.

For example, it is the leading van in its class*, and offers the smooth running characteristics and ride comfort more akin to a passenger car. And to make adventuring trips even easier, there is the option of a fully-integrated navigation system.

From bike racks to bedrooms, there's plenty of aftermarket conversion choices to make. And nutrition is always a necessity. But there’s no need for eating on the road to be dull. In fact, there’s nothing better than a gourmet meal when you’re parked for the evening in front of a perfect view.

So, when you've splashed on a kitchen setup, or got a camping stove tucked away safely in storage, here are three amazing meals you can make on the road.

We hope you enjoy these delicious, hearty meals to make on the road. There’s nothing like a touch of gourmet to make the perfect road trip extra special. Bon appétit!


Vans, Love your work, Eating well on the road, spelt pancakes

Breakfast: spelt pancakes

Vans, Love your work, Eating well on the road, One pot pasta

Lunch: "One pot pasta" with mushrooms and sundried tomatoes

Vans, Love your work, Eating well on the road, Dinner, Quinoa salad, Pomegranate

Dinner: quinoa salad with herbs and pomegranate