Mick Fanning brand ambassador

Mick Fanning announced as brand ambassador ahead of X-Class launch.

Mercedes-Benz Vans announces Mick Fanning as brand ambassador ahead of the X-Class launch in 2018.


Production of X-Class vehicles has ceased and there is no new vehicle stock remaining in Australia. The information provided on this webpage is for reference purposes only. Should you require specific product information visit the X-Class Overview page.

August 2nd, 2017 - Sydney Australia: Mercedes-Benz Vans Australia has today announced surfing legend Mick Fanning as a brand ambassador, to be aligned with the highly anticipated X-Class ute. The announcement comes weeks after Mercedes-Benz announced their new X-Class will launch into the Australian market in April 2018. 

As an Australian icon, Mick is the perfect fit for the Mercedes-Benz Vans brand and for the new X-Class ute. Mick is world renowned for his resilience and drive in and out of the water and needs a vehicle with a progressive design that expresses cool modernity and matches his thirst for adventure. 

“Sitting in the X-Class for the first time was a real thrill. As soon as I saw it I thought it has the style and design of a Mercedes-Benz and the power and versatility that I want in a vehicle.” 

“I have a very active lifestyle and as a surfer it’s pretty natural to have an interest in the ocean and the environment. Mercedes-Benz Vans have vehicles like the X-Class and Marco Polo Activity, which encourage people to get outdoors. I’m always trying to influence others to experience the thrill of nature. At the end of the day, I can’t wait to throw my boards in the back and take it down the beach.”

Managing Director Mercedes-Benz Vans Australia and New Zealand, Diane Tarr said, Mick Fanning is an ideal choice for Mercedes-Benz Vans and for the X-Class specifically.

“Australians are buying more utes than ever before, there were just under 191,000 utes sold here last year, representing 16 per cent of overall new vehicle sales. With this market growth, we believe there is a new kind of ute buyer, not only a tradesman who needs a ute for work but someone who is active and wants a vehicle that also supports their lifestyle. 

“Mick perfectly embodies the Australian lifestyle that the ute has been designed for. Surfing is a sport which requires a vehicle that can get you to the ultimate surfing spots and also provides sufficient cargo space and towing capacity to take all your boards and wetsuits with you. The X-Class has been designed with the Australian landscape in mind so it can take you wherever the waves are, without compromise and with all the gear you need.”


The Marco Polo ACTIVITY is no longer available to purchase in Australia.  The information provided on this webpage is for reference purposes only. It has been replaced by the Marco Polo HORIZON.