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Features and accessories for the Marco Polo ACTIVITY.

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Optional features.

Customise your Marco Polo ACTIVITY to suit your adventure. Choose from a wide range of optional features including the pull-out awning.

Marco Polo ACTIVITY, electric tilting/sliding glass sunroof

Electronic tilting, sliding glass sunroof

Marco Polo ACTIVITY, features

Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC

Marco Polo ACTIVITY, LED Intelligent Light System

LED Intelligent Light System

Standard features.

The Marco Polo ACTIVITY includes many standard features to support big adventures, relaxing getaways and spontaneous overnight stops.

Marco Polo ACTIVITY, 3-seater bench seat as a comfort bunk, 2nd rear seat row

Convertible comfort bunk bench

Marco Polo ACTIVITY, tinted glazing in the rear, black

Glazed black-tinted rear glass

Marco Polo ACTIVITY, table package

Table package  

Marco Polo ACTIVITY, roof bed

Roof bed

Marco Polo ACTIVITY, luxury driver's seat, swivelling

Swivelling front seats

Marco Polo ACTIVITY, features, Audio 15

Audio 40

Features for your getaway. 

  1. Comfort

  2. Safety

  3. Multimedia

  4. Accommodation

  5. Wheels

  6. Accessories


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