Body Panels

Body Panels

Genuine bumpers and radiator grilles
The benefits of genuine bumpers and radiator grilles include correct interaction with the vehicle’s sensors, maximized value of the vehicle and optimal appearance identical with the original vehicle. Maximum safety standards are also adhered to with the use of genuine bumpers and radiator grilles. Within the workshop, processes are more efficient, and therefore lead to lower costs when Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts are used.

Body panels and outer shells

Body panels and outer shells include hoods, front fenders and rear fenders. The benefit for the customer when installing genuine hoods, front fenders and outer shells include light weight parts, high corrosion protection and long life. For the workshop, shorter mounting times and a more accurate fit reduce the chance of mishaps and injuries.

Chemical products for body panels

While genuine body panels are made to last, they still benefit from extra professional care with our range of chemical products. With the products in this range, the repair process of a vehicle can be made easier and the vehicle’s life span can be even further extended. Approved chemical products are designed specifically for Mercedes-Benz Genuine Body Panels and have been tested for compatibility with the materials of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, meeting our high quality standards. Excellent corrosion protection and outstanding adhesion properties are among the most significant advantages.