Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • Since the end of 2013, Mercedes-Benz vehicles have progressively been fitted with QR code rescue stickers during production. Vehicles produced from 1990 which do not have QR code rescue stickers can now be retrofitted at your authorised Mercedes-Benz retailer.

    • A compact information sheet showing vehicle-specific access points for emergency services. It shows design details such as the location of airbags, battery and tanks.

    • Emergency services and rescue services.

    • Police/Fire/Ambulance.

    • SES.

    • After a car accident involving severe damage, emergency services may first need to rescue the occupants from the vehicle. In the absence of specific vehicle information, this can be dangerous for everybody involved. For example, rescue shears must not be applied in the area of the airbags, as the pyrotechnical gas generators can burst when severed and therefore present a serious danger to bystanders, rescue personnel and vehicle occupants.

    • Mercedes-Benz is the world’s first manufacturer to offer direct QR code rescue sticker access to the vehicle-specific rescue card for its passenger car models – for Mercedes-Benz vehicles from production year 1990 and all smart vehicles. Thanks to its standardised locations, this QR code rescue sticker can be rapidly found and scanned using a smartphone or tablet. All that is required to scan QR codes is a freely downloadable app.

    • Photograph the attached QR code with a smartphone or tablet, using an app (apps available free of charge, for example ‘QR Code Reader’ for Apple and Android.

    • The apps decode the QR code and access the Internet site concerned.

    • The server responds “dynamically” to the enquiry.

    • The rescue card is scaled to fit the display size of the portable device (smartphone, tablet etc.) perfectly.

    • To ensure that the QR code is easy to find, the rescue stickers are affixed inside the fuel filler flap and on the opposite B-pillar. According to the latest accident research, these two areas are easily accessible from outside, and only in rare cases are both severely damaged.

    • The QR code is accessible from outside, and therefore usually easier to reach than a rescue card behind the sun visor.

    • No time-consuming vehicle identification and no manual navigation through Internet pages are required.

    • There is no possibility of error on the part of the user/rescue personnel when identifying the vehicle model.

    • The method is suitable for all vehicle types – with both conventional and alternative drive systems.

    • Thanks to access via an Internet site, the information is available to all and updates are possible.

    • The QR code rescue sticker is easy to retrofit.

Simply call the Service Department at your authorised Mercedes-Benz retailer to arrange an appointment.