Being an Owner

Mercedes-Benz Car Club

Being an Owner

Mercedes-Benz Car Club
Mercedes-Benz Car Club

Mercedes-Benz Car Clubs of Australia bring together proud Mercedes-Benz owners and enthusiasts. Clubs exist in every state for people eager to share in the passion of the marque. Members are treated to regular club publications that feature upcoming events, club information and the latest news from Mercedes-Benz.

Many events are organised, these include local and country tours, family outings, dinners and barbeques - a great combination of historical, social and motoring interests. Events such as the Concourse d'Elegance, which are held in many clubs around the country, offer a taste of friendly rivalry.

Mercedes-Benz owners in all age groups find the exchange of technical information invaluable in minimising the cost of ownership.

    • Find your local Car Club
      • Australian Capital Territory

        Australian Capital Territory

        Mercedes-Benz Car Club of the ACT (Inc)
        PO Box 1093
        ACT 2606

        Contact Phone: 0429 140 746
        Contact Email:

      • New South Wales

        New South Wales

        Mercedes-Benz Car Club of NSW (Inc)
        PO Box 100
        NSW 2156

        Contact Phone: 0449 883 633
        Contact Email:

      • Queensland


        Mercedes-Benz Car Club of Queensland (Inc)
        PO Box 362
        QLD 4004

        Contact Phone: 1300 661 677
        Contact Email:

      • South Australia

        South Australia

        Mercedes-Benz Car Club of South Australia (Inc)
        PO Box 393
        SA 5039

        Contact Form

      • Victoria & Tasmania

        Victoria & Tasmania

        Mercedes-Benz Car Club of Victoria (Inc)
        PO Box 1500
        BOX HILL
        VIC 3128

        Contact Email:

      • Western Australia

        Western Australia

        Mercedes-Benz Car Club of Western Australia
        PO Box 965
        WEST PERTH
        WA 6872

        Contact Phone: (08) 9444 7685
        Contact Email: