Model Build date Type / Variant
380 September 1981 onwards SE/SEL saloon;
SEC coupé;
SL roadster
230 February 1984 onwards E saloon
280 May 1978 to March 1982 TE station wagon;
SE/SEL saloon W116;
SE/SEL saloon W126;
E saloon W123;
CE coupe W123;
TE station wagon W123
450 July 1976 onwards SE/SLC coupe W107;
SEL 6.9 W116

Please note: Daimler AG has not conducted any tests on the effects of additives against valve seat recession (AVSR) in older vehicles. Changes made to the composition of commercially available fuels is a decision made by individual oil companies in consultation with state and federal authorities, and may well occur without direct consultation with all car manufacturers whose vehicles might be affected. As a consequence, Daimler AG accepts no responsibility for damages which may arise as a result of use or blending of any additives to commercially available fuels. The use of any additive is the sole responsibility of the vehicle operator.

Further information can be located on the respective fuel manufacturer’s internet site.

Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicles manufactured before July 1976 are not compatible with operation solely using unleaded petrol.