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Mercedes-Benz Service Intervals

Mercedes-Benz Standard A Service

Mercedes-Benz Standard B Service

*The additional service items listed above are not included in the standard service, although your authorised Mercedes-Benz Dealer will check them whilst completing the standard A or B Service. The cost of replacing and fitting these parts and items is extra, as is the cost of replacing certain consumables, such as transmission oil, and wear and tear items, such as brakes.

For further details in relation to what is included and excluded in our standard A and B Service, and the frequency of your vehicles' service intervals, please consult your owner's manual and service booklet, or contact an authorised Mercedes-Benz Dealer. The authorised Mercedes-Benz Dealer can advise you of your specific vehicle's requirements and, upon inspection of your vehicle, provide you with a quote for any additional costs that may be payable by you in order to attend to such excluded items.

The above service sheets are an example only and may vary from model to model. Please refer to your owner's manual for further details.

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