Owner Driver Package

Mercedes-Benz Actros - Owner Driver Package

What happened when beauty met the beast – and got busy

Understandably, they are now very proud parents. The Actros V8 gives you the best of both gene pools - combining razor-sharp European style with legendary Mercedes-Benz power and reliability. Even better, you can now enjoy the exclusive Actros Owner Driver Package which adds LED running lights, chrome air intake vents, a chrome light bar and the luxury of sumptuous black leather.

Behind the grille, a super-reliable Mercedes-Benz 15.9 litre V8 turbocharged engine produces up to 598 hp and 2,065 lb.ft of torque. That’s the type of power that can see this truck rated as a 90,000 kg road train.

But on the outside, it’s all smooth lines and razor-sharp European style – now more than ever.

Actros V8 – taking refined aggression to an all new level.

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The Owner Driver Package is exclusively available on Actros V8 prime mover models; 2651LS, 2655LS, 2660LS which have Grammer seats (SH1) and (SH2) or (SF1) and long cabin (F04). Vehicle shown may include options and accessories available at additional cost to standard specification.