The Actros

Actros. Act Now. Quality moves quickly.

Superior engineering ensures the versatile Actros 6x4 range has the power, reliability and economy to excel in any role – from inner-city short haul work to the most muscular line haul routes. With 440 to 600 hp, six safe and restful cabin options and Mercedes-Benz’s brilliant PowerShift 2 automatic transmission, the Actros 6x4s are great at any time – but new deals mean they’re especially good today. Actros. Act Now.

Actros 2660 6x4 – The Heavyweight Champ

A 15.9 litre V8 turbocharged engine producing 600 hp and 2,065 lb.ft of torque makes the Actros 2660 6x4 a true heavyweight which can take on any challenge up to 90,000 kg road train work. But this truck’s also got class. Along with its razor-sharp European style and legendary Mercedes-Benz reliability, we’ve added sumptuous black leather, new LED running lights, chrome air intake vents and a chrome light bar. It’ll take on the toughest opponents while enjoying the best in comfort and safety.

Actros 2644/2648 6x4s – The Local Hero

Designed specifically for local and regional distribution tasks, the Actros 2644 and 2648 not only deliver their loads - they deliver comfort, safety and economy as well. All at a competitive price. A proven 440-480 hp engine will handle any single-trailer load with ease, and their outstanding fuel-economy and reliability make these trucks cheaper to run. However, there‘s no cost-cutting inside the cab where Mercedes-Benz European heritage and unmatched knowledge provides a stylish, safe, and very functional home on the road.

Actros 2655 6x4 – The Business Traveller
The Mercedes-Benz Actros 2655 6x4 is in the business of travel – just like you - and this traveller is good for business. Delivering 550 hp and 1920 lb.ft of torque, the Mercedes-Benz 16-litre V8 engine will make distance disappear. And seeing it can be rated up to 90,000kgs for road train applications there’s nothing you can’t haul. Like all true business travellers, the Actros 2655 6x4 also has style with Mercedes-Benz’ legendary driveability and outstanding cabin design.